Sunday, June 5, 2011

Poking Around For Sansoms

So today, I was poking around a little bit online to see what I could find on any other sites or blogs about my Sansom ancestry.
This blog site has a nice summary of info for my Sansom line:
It lists the info for my Great great Grandfather, Greenville Sansom and his wife Adalade Gilkerson and their children; it as a short history of the Sansom surname, and it has good info on Green Sansom's ancestors in the Logan County VA/WV area.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Ethel (Emma Jean) Sansom

My grandmother was named Emma Jean Sansom but changed her name to Ethel because she liked it better for some reason. I love the name Emma Jean! She was born 19 Sep 1901 in Wayne County WV, to Millard Sansom and Ella Nunley Sansom.
Here are some photos of Ethel:

Ethel (on the left) with two friends at a dance or social. Ethel would be about 17 in this picture.

Ethel with half-brother Roscoe Sansom

Ethel with sons Hibbert and Herbert Hobbs

Ella Nunley Sansom

Ella Nunley Sansom was my Great Grandmother. She died at a young age (23) after becoming the mother to three daughters: Emma Jean (Ethel), Verlia and Addie Sansom. Here is a photo of her holding my grandmother Ethel.

Welcome To My Sansom Blog

I'm so excited to have a place to share my Sansom family genealogy and hope to meet up with some Sansom cousins along the way. My Grandmother's name was Ethel (Emma Jean) Sansom. She was born in Wayne County West Virginia and her relatives include Sansoms in Cabell County WV (VA), Pike County KY and Giles County VA.
I will be adding Sansom photos, census information and whatever research notes I have for the Sansom family in these areas. I hope you'll stop back often.